Friday, December 18, 2009

Montecillo Crianza 2005 $10

Spain, Rioja

I admit, I’m not that well versed on wines from Spain however I’m not shy to tell you about a deal that tastes great as well. This purchase was purely on an impulse buy when I saw a “buy-one, get-one free” sign over the display in a local grocery store. I’m not big on doing my wine shopping at the grocery store as the selection can be limited however dinner was being planned for grilled steaks so a red made sense.

I was away from home so I didn’t have access to any of my own bottles. Figuring that a 2005 bottle of just about anything couldn’t be too bad, considering it’s a year when most all wine regions across the world did well. In fact, some areas claim it to be on the top of their list for most successful vintages.

Upon pouring, a clean, ruby red color accented by scents of ripe plums, strawberries and a woody sensation had me going that I might have found something nice for a relatively inexpensive price point. The flavors were full of ripe fruits such as blackberries and dark cherry along with subtle coffee and mocha. On the finish, a tart, dry/flint like flavor led to hints of oak. The wine is 100% Tempranillo and aged in French oak for 1 year and then 1 year in the bottle before release.

For a $10 wine (actually I got 2 bottles for $10), I’m quite pleased. I’ve seen the wine online for up to $12 and I still think it’s a good deal. Try it with grilled meats, barbecue or even beef stew. The wine cuts through nicely yet not overpowering. I’m not saying this is the best Crianza you’re going to find out there but it’s a great deal for an everyday try.

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