Thursday, April 19, 2012

Altovinum Evodia, Garnacha $10

Calatayud region, Spain

This wine was brought to my attention during a recent wine tasting at a new neighborhood wine store. As wine reps were pouring their wines, this somewhat lonely bottle was set by the register, where guests were making purchases. Without knowing its price, I proceeded to try it and I was immediately intrigued. I therefore bought 2 bottles for home and this tasting is from home vs. the wine store, where my palate became worthless yet pleasantly happy.

With a warm leather aroma followed by bright berries and hints of slate, the wine gave off true characteristics of a Garnacha from Spain. I've been told, although Garnacha from Spain and Granache from France are the same varietal, each country's region where these grow are distinctly different from the varied growing conditions. I guess you could say they've each established their own personalities.

The flavor profile brought out fruit forward, dark cherries with subtle hints of cocoa. Blackberries and dark ripe stone fruits fulfilled the predominate flavors as well. I'd say this is a medium body wine with smooth tannins. Very easy to drink yet not lacking character.

As a side note if you're into these French wines; Chateauneuf du Pape and Cotes du Rhône, Grenache is the primary varietal in theses. Of course that can adjust from year to year.

So for $9.99, I think this is a great find. If you're in Orlando,FL where I bought this, check out Czerwinski's Wine & Cheese shop in the Delagio shopping center. Very nice people!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Buzzard Tree, Barbera '05 $11

Paso Robles, CA

To find a 2005 vintage today, for under $30 is a bit difficult and to be honest, I was surprised finding this wine. I was even more surprised how amazing it was for this price point! It drank so smooth with subtle tannins, fragrant aromas and yummy flavors as well.

On the nose it first seemed peppery yet that diminished after 10 minutes in the glass. Dark cherries with hints of dried herbs and subtle floral blended perfectly. With a medium body the flavors of warm dark berries and toast balanced nicely. It almost gave me a subtle flavor of baked bread but I guess that's not so appropriate in the wine tasting dictionary...or is it?

The wine has 5% Cab. Sauv. and is aged in French oak for 24 months. The finish was silky smooth showing soft tannins and overall a very pleasing tone on the tongue. This paired excellent with a homemade pasta and smoked Roma tomato marinara I made. Drink now as I'm guessing it's at it's peak. Thanks again to my friends at the Wine Barn for the recommendation.

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