Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Veramonte, Sauvignon Blanc Reserva, 2008 ($10)


It had been a few years since I tried a Sauvignon Blanc after mostly drinking reds for so long. In my efforts to engage in some more white wines this summer, this was recommended by a small wine shop owner. I was looking for something under $20 and not a Chardonnay.

The bottle uses a screw cap but don’t let that fool you in this wine’s quality. I’ve been told (but not an expert) that screw tops maintain a wine bottle’s seal from letting air in better than a cork. I digress but won’t lie, I still like a cork.

From the initial aromas of grapefruit and tropical fruits I thought this could end up being too tart for my taste. It definitely was not! Like most Sav. Blanc wines this too had a hint of freshly cut grass (without the lawn mower scent of course). The taste was fresh and crisp with citrus flavors. Trace flavors of asparagus followed by an almost sparkling, tart mouth feel on the finish. I had the bottle fully chilled in the refrigerator and some people may say this is too cold. I definitely feel this chilled temperature added to the wine’s refreshing flavors.

We had the wine with a grilled Mahi Mahi fillet caught by friends and I off the Atlantic coast. I would highly recommend this wine on a hot summer day and with lighter fare foods such as chicken, fish or shellfish.


  1. AnonymousMay 01, 2010

    i'm having it with a hungarian goulash and it is equally entrancing

  2. nice with tuna tartare spring rolls


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