Monday, May 23, 2011

Stella Maris Red '06 ($16)

Columbia Valley, Washington

This wine was on a special at my local wine shop for a great deal compared to what I had seen it for online.  It probably wouldn’t be fair to say but it was $16 vs. normal retail of $26-$30.  I see it now for $19 and either way, a great find for $16 but maybe a bit pricey for $30.  Shop it around out there as it’s worth it with Robert Parker giving it a 92 and Wine Spectator a 91.

At first the aromas hit me with a spicy pepper bomb, which later I realized was the higher alcohol.  Being at 14.4%, I can see that yet ripe blackberries and plum with hints of cinnamon encouraged me to wait it out on this one.  Let it breath! 

With a balance of (35%) Cab Sav., (29%) Merlot, (28%) Syrah and (8%) Petite Verdot to finish it off, I thought the flavors were great from the first sip however after an hour of letting it sit/decant, the sweetness toned down along with the peppery/alcohol found in the beginning.

Lot’s of dark red berries, plum, chocolate and even some hints of vanilla all layer together very nicely.  I’d give this wine a full-bodied, “Big Red” label with flavors finishing off with cola and subtle oak.

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