Saturday, September 3, 2011

Juan Gil, Monastrell ’09 $13

Jumilla, Spain

I wasn’t sure what to expect after being referred to this varietal, which can also be found as a blending grape with varietals such as Grenache and Shiraz.  As I’m always learning from others, this too was another one of those “Ah-ha” moments.  The Monastrell grape is the same as Mourvedre, which is commonly grown in the South of France.

With aromas of black pepper spice, blackberry, toasted cedar and a hint of being somewhat gamey, this was appearing to be a well-rounded, new red for me.  A medium bodied mouth feel supported subtle flavors of dark cherries and plums.  Where I was most impressed was how easy drinking this was especially with soft tannins and a finish of cocoa and traces of licorice.

I'm told this wine goes quite well with smoked gouda cheese although my choice was a marinated and grilled skirt steak. Overall I was impressed with this new selection for me, but now I’ve seen other wineries, primarily from Spain, making 100% Monastrell.  I definitely credit my local wine store staff in guiding me to new wines…and this one was a “keeper.”

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  1. Awesome wine review! I think ive had this one before. Lets grab a drink sometime!


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