Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sean Minor, Pinot Noir ‘09 ($14)

Napa Valley, CA

A few months ago I posted the Cab Sav. by Sean Minor and from what I’ve heard the market went crazy for it.  A great wine at a great value so go figure, the price also went up $3-$4 since then.  Congrats on market penetration with a great wine…I’ll still pay $18/$20 for it.

The ‘09 Pinot Noir is no exception for another great wine from Sean Minor however, I’m not sure pricing will jump like the Cab. so find some of the ’09 Pinot while it’s still on the shelf.  Aromas of cherry jam, black pepper and lightly toasted oak all found to be pretty typical of a Pinot Noir.  The flavors of sweet plums, blackberries and cocoa really measured up to a well-balanced wine.  Hints of vanilla and caramel supported smooth tannins on the finish.

The wine went unbelievably well with dinner of grilled pork loin, grilled asparagus and a porcini mushroom risotto.  Aged for 9 months in French oak gives this wine a nice flavor and shows care in the wine making process.  Sean Minor seems to genuinely care how his wines are made and it shows in the finished product.  You can read more about them at www.seanminorwines.com

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