Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sebastiani Merlot '07 $9 (on sale)

Sonoma County, CA

I really haven't had a desire to pickup a Merlot lately and I have no good reason why. As some of you may remember the movie, Sideways and how it really hurt Merlot sales years ago...we should all be over that I hope. I guess I just think of the wine as being overly fruity and I must admit its not...at least not this one.

At first pour a musty kind of barnyard scent came at me. I almost turned away but it just needed 5-10 minutes in the glass to open up. A black pepper spice blended with ripe currants, toasted oak and a hint of fallen leaves made for a nice rounded aroma.

Flavors were full of ripe dark fruit, plums and a subtle spice. Medium tannins with traces of cocoa completed the finish. After an hour of tasting, the wine really opened up more to show a very smooth, medium body. The tannins softened along with the black pepper spice to really appreciate this wine. Very nice!

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