Thursday, May 30, 2013

Adelsheim, Pinot Gris '09 $13

Willamette Valley, OR

In my latest efforts to introduce some more warm weather wines, this one came to mind as I was in need of a Chardonnay for a family recipe and didn't have any on hand. It's definitely a great alternative and for some people, not as sweet.

Filled with aromas of pears, apples and subtle oak it wasn't what I'd expect from this varietal. Actually it was a pleasant surprise.

With the first taste, citrus flavors were predominant with hints of carmel apples and a creamy mouthfeel on the finish.  A pleasant balance of acidity and fruit to warrant a refreshing burst of flavors along with an outstanding wine to pair with lighter foods.

My mom's recipe for Linguini & Clams had me always using a Chardonnay and being without it forced me into trying this wine as a substitute. It not only worked great in the dish but pleasantly went well before and during dinner.  

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