Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bodega Breca, Garnacha '11 $16


Without any knowledge about this wine maker and knowing how much I like Garnacha, I decided to buy a bottle after a recommendation from the store clerk as well for a potential blog review.  In summary, this was a big “WOW!”

The aromas were rich in black cherries, toasted wood and a touch of earthy overtones.  At first taste, it had a peppery bite and I almost was turned off. But after letting it sit in my glass for 10 minutes, I was completely fooled.  It was like 2 different wines and the 2nd one was excellent!  Smooth tannins with flavors of ripe cherries, plums and mild cocoa gave to an outstanding balance.

Wine Advocate gave this a 94 rating for the 2010 vintage and this 2011 is on par to be very similar.  I found it at Whole Foods and you just might be fooled into thinking this is a much more expensive wine.

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