Friday, June 2, 2017

Caves D’ Esclans, Whispering Angel ’15 $18

Cotes De Provence, France

With spring moving quickly into summer, it’s rose time once again.  After my visit a few years ago to the Bandol region along the French Mediterranean coast, I found so many wonderful roses to try.  This one happens to be a favorite in our household. 

The aromas of citrus zest, pears, melon and apples blend together for a versatile wine to go with many food pairings, although it’s great on its own.  Its flavors represent a clean, refreshing mouth feel with light flavors of honeydew, strawberries and hints of lemon.  The characteristics resemble a smooth red blended with a refreshing white.  For a Provence rose, you’d think the mineral overtones would be predominant but they’re not.  This paired excellent with an olive oil & herb grilled shrimp over couscous.  With some sliced radishes on the side, dipped in olive oil and sea salt, this wine paired wonderful with everything.

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