Thursday, October 26, 2017

World Wine Production to hit 50 Year Low!

The wine industry has been hit with yet another challenge.  New reports released say that global wine production is expected to drop to it's lowest in more than 50 years.  Italy (23% drop), France (19%) and Spain (15%) are the top 3 producers which all blame extreme weather conditions.  Not to mention, California's recent wild fires have not helped with an additional 1% drop in production for the USA.  This link shares more on the story:  World Wine Production Hits 50 Year Low    (Credit: BBC News)

If I had to offer my own recommendation to support wineries around the world...keep buying wines, try new ones and re-connect with the ones you love.  These challenges will undoubtably continue therefore the resiliency and talent these farmers, wine makers and supporting staff have which brings wine to our tables can only be supported by us, the buyer.

Cheers - Cin Cin - Salud - Prost

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