Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mollydooker "The Boxer" Shiraz, 2006 (apx. $20)

McLaren Vale, South Australia

This bottle was given to me by a friend - I'm guessing she bought it for the fun label and hopefully, also on a good recommendation from the store's wine expert. The label is fun and has a good story (see below) but I'm not into a cute label when searching out new wines. Mostly I'm interested in the quality tied to the price point.  Even though I didn't buy this bottle, this vino did not disappoint!!!

Wow, with great aromas of currants, plum, a hint of chocolate and spicy sensations, I almost wanted to hold off on the tasting.  But that's silly!  The taste was even better...with a full flavored explosion of fruity, blackberry flavors leading to a spicy finish, I didn't stop at one glass.  I'm guessing (remember I'm no pro at this) that the spicy finish is probably from the higher alcohol content (16%).  A smooth and rich wine at a good price can you go wrong? 

After such a wonderful experience with this wine, I did a little research. Since I haven't got into rating the wines I taste with any sort of numbering system, which I may do in the future, I found that this vintage received 90pts. from Wine Spectator and the '05 vintage got 95pts. from Robert Parker along with his "Best Wine Value in the World Under $20."

To wrap things up and give you a little insight on the label, here is the definition for "Mollydooker." Its Aussie for left-hander.  The boxer on the label has 2 left gloves, sure to knock you out!

Check out the Mollydooker website and learn how to do the Mollydooker Shake...with their wines of course!

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