Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Villa Mt. Eden Zinfandel, Fox Creek, 2002 ($13-15)

St. Helena, CA (Napa)

After being introduced to a new "wine guy" in one of my local liquor stores, which carry a nice selection of wines, I was becoming discouraged at everything he was showing me.  $35 and up wasn't for me and usually isn't, as I prefer to keep my price point affordable under $20 (unless it's something I've tried and would like for a special occasion).  Well, I credit him with turning me on to this wonderful Zin that I've come back for more!

This was a pleasant find, great priced and a 2002 vintage encompassing delicious characteristics.  I'm not sure how long it will remain in stores therefore if you find it! With aromas of oak and ripe berries my first taste encompassed a fruit forward enjoyment yet not overly sweet.  Flavors of raspberries and vanilla were predominate in every sip thereafter.  The finish is gentle and silky with low acidity.  I would drink this one now!

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