Monday, May 25, 2009

Goldschmidt Vineyards "Fidelity", 2006 ($9)

Crazy Creek Estate
Alexander Valley, CA

Once again I was walking the aisles at Sam’s Club looking for a wine I hadn’t tried, as I didn’t plan on buying wine during this visit. I saw this wine (Fidelity) and decided to read the label, which was informative enough to tell me that it was a red blend. If you’ve followed some of my other postings you’d know these are some of my favorite types of wines mostly because the blending a wine maker does is very intriguing to me. Anyway, for $9 I’d give it a try and now I should get back there to pick up more bottles.

The first aromas reminded me of a dusty, woody cellar (somewhere all of us wish we had to store our wines). Another smell and ripe blackberries were predominant. After a few tastes, a fruit forward dominance from the Merlot along with soft tannins balanced everything out from the other 2 varietals in this blend.  With 83% Merlot, 16% Cabernet Sauvignon and 1% Cabernet Franc, it classifies itself as a Bordeaux blend.

Medium body with a slight oaky feel on the palate gave this a great mouth feel along with a smooth finish hinting of cocoa. This is a great bargain wine from a relatively unknown wine maker, Nick Goldschmidt.  I’ll be on the hunt for some of his other wines now.


  1. Ia agree with all said...I had the same experience walking down the wine aisle at Sams, but I was looking to buy a good bottle of wine at a great price, just lke I did some few years ago with Franciscan Cab...I tried Fidelity Red and really enjoyed it. It reminded me of the great Simi Cab aroma..Fidelity will go a long way. I live in Honduras, and have already imported 10 cases to enjoy and share...Salud.Fidelity

  2. Ibid and op cit. Along with this great bargain (2.81 at my Sams) I picked up a 2008 Folie A Deux Menage a Trois--which has Zin instead of Cab.Franc in the blend at 7.96. Tasting the two together over a two week period (yes, bottles on the counter) the FaD continued to improve and remain delicious. Both excellent up front though. The Fidelity faded. The FAD will age well. Both great bargains. johnbengfort

  3. I picked up a bottle of Fidelity @ Sam's this past weekend; I couldn't resist the $2.91 price tag. It was quite pleasant...esp. for the price.

  4. I had the same experience this weekend. This wine is awesome!!!

  5. Does any one know which Sam's (city,state)still has this wine?

  6. I have been drinking this wine for over 2 years and would always buy it at my local Sam's Club, but in the past 2 months I have found they are not selling it anymore. Anyone know how I can get my hands on this wine again???

  7. Enjoying a glass as I read this. Worth the trip to Sam's Club at twice the price.

  8. AnonymousJune 28, 2010

    Nick Goldschmidt was the winemaker for Simi - no coincidence in the similarities...


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