Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Torres Malena, Garnacha 2007 ($8)

I picked this wine up at Sam’s Club just to give it try. At $7.99 I wasn’t overly worried should I not like it. Guess what? I went back and bought 4 more bottles. It surely taste more expensive than its price point but I’ve always been told not to let price influence your buying.  You never know when a wine like this one will surprise you.

With minimal aromas this wine still carried a hint of plum and subtle rustic notes. The taste was definitely more impressive after the lack of aromas.  Strawberries, cola and a bright acidity blended with a good mouth feel and easy drinking for those not ready to take on a heavy red.  The finish was slightly tart yet silky with a little peppery aftertaste.  There is a slight bit of oak on the finish as well however it almost evaporates from your palette.  I wouldn't consider this a "heavy" red yet it goes great with grilled meats.

The vineyards in Spain border a region in France where Grenache grapes grow well. I’m a big fan of Grenache blends so it’s no surprise why I’m a fan of this wine.  With such a great price and seeing online ratings of 89, this is one you should try.  I’m guessing it’s available at other retailers.

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  1. I picked this bottle up at my local Sams Club for $2.91, awesome wine.


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