Monday, July 27, 2009

Heritage Des Caves des Papes, Cotes-Du-Rhone ($11)


Its not often a good bottle from France is moderately priced however this selection truly impressed me. I had no information on the wine prior to buying and the only insight was from one of the wine store’s associates feeling the same as I did…”for eleven bucks, its worth trying.”

I can’t help but like various blends as mentioned in past postings and this one was quite nice complementing our dinner of grilled pork tenderloin, sauté pea pods & baby bella mushrooms & summer tomatoes w/ mozzarella over garlic toast. Sounds good enough to have again tonight with the rest of the bottle!

At first the aromas seemed a bit unpleasant yet after a few swirls in the glass, it began to open up with an earthiness accompanied by a woody scent. A subtle musty and green moss hint was present along with a slight anise tone. I know it sounds like a lot of smells but it really wasn’t that overpowering.

On the taste, a definite fruit forward flavor of blackberries and cherries was present with an faint oaky sensation on the mid palate. The wine finished with an nice spice and hint of smokiness. In general I’d say the vintage was well balanced, medium body with pleasant tannins and very easy drinking. Almost a lighter wine than I would have thought prior to opening.

For those of you curious, the wine is comprised of 3 classic grape varietals from the Rhone region in France. 70% Grenache (which holds the fruitiness), 25% Syrah (which brings on the spiciness) and 5% Mourvedre (which softens the wine).

This is one of the best deals I’ve found in a good French wine.

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