Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sequillo White 2006 ($12 on sale)

Swartland, South Africa

In an effort to bring more white wines into my repertoire, I saw this wine mentioned in a local wine store’s online newsletter. It intrigued me that it was a white blend I had not yet experienced. In the style of a southern French white blend using 60% Chenin Blanc, 20% Granache Blanc, 10% Roussane and 10% Viognier my desire to try this became impatient before the sale price was gone. You see the regular price on this wine is $20+ depending on where you find it online or in a local wine shop. Here is a link to seach your local wine store: Sequillo

2006 was the first vinification of this wine. With a wonderful golden color present in the glass the first aromas exploded with fragrant orange peel and pineapple. After letting the wine decant for about 20 minutes, the scent of honey began to come alive. The winemaker recommends 2 hours of decanting although I was quite happy after 20 minutes. Plus, I can’t wait 2 hours…can you? The first taste supported the nose with orange, honey and a hint of citrus. I would say this is a semi-sweet wine with a very clean taste on the palette. Served chilled (or I say cold) this is a pleasant summer time wine to sip with grilled seafood or even a light pasta dish.

Some simple “did you knows” about the wine are that 50% of the Chenin Blanc is fermented in stainless tanks and the remainder of the wine is vinified in French Oak barrels. The aging takes place in French oak as well and you won’t find this wine “over oaked” as some chardonnays have been forced in to over the past few years.

I honestly liked this as an alternative to a Sav. Blanc or Chardonnay although it is a bit sweeter. Give it a try and look for a sale!

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  1. I had this wine at Jiko at WDW last week and it was fabulous. I'm going to look for it around home for sure!


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