Thursday, February 10, 2011

Toro De Piedra, Carmenere – Cabernet ’09 $11

Maule Valley, Chile

I wasn’t sure what to expect in a recent visit to a local wine store I’d been putting off going to.  Much to my surprise, it turned out to be a great find with knowledgeable and very nice people.  Now I’m not into promoting wines, stores, products, etc. but if you’re looking for some great deals on excellent wines and you’re in the Orlando, FL area, they have a store, but not to worry…their main business is shipping great wines all over.  Therefore, I definitely need to thank my friends (Jodi and Jerry) who turned me on the The Wine Barn.  I’m not compensated by them, paid for all my wines and barley even know these guys but I can safely say I’ll be back ASAP. (

This first of the 5 wines I bought and tried was wonderful so I hope the others follow suit!  I’ve not had a blend with only Carmenere and Cabernet Sauvignon.  Usually, I’ve seen these 2 varietals blended with others grape varietals.  In this wine, there’s 51% Carmenere and 49% Cab.

On the aromas was a nice, blended balance of black pepper spice, wood and blackberries.  At first taste it proved to be slightly spicy with the black pepper predominant but after 15-20 minutes in the glass…wow did it mellow out.  I’d say flavors on this full bodied wine after opening up some showed hints of black currents, dark cherries and a subtle toasted oak.

I can’t believe the price on this incredible wine!  It reminded me of a mature Cabernet Sauvignon...not super old but something like you’d find in a 2005 vintage.  I can only guess this wine would compliment grilled meats (beef or pork) and I could even see this paring nicely with a slow cooked roast.  Something nice for all the winter weather going on right now.

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  1. I love those two grapes, they are my favorite! I will have to look for that blend and bottle. I just discovered Carmenere, and was surprised how lovely it was, it reminds me of the rustic Italian grapes. Thanks for the post!


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