Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Borsao 2009 (Granacha/Tempranillo) $6

Borja, Spain

It used to bother me when aromas from a wine exuded a musty scent which gave me the wrong impression that it might not be good.  I’ve definitely learned to appreciate it now, as just about every one of them has tasted great.

Complementing the musty aromas a black pepper spice and slight hint of wood rounded things out.  With blended flavors of raspberries, strawberries and cassis this quality priced wine easily holds up to those at 4 times the price.  The mouth feel is medium bodied with a mild spice followed by a dry oak finish.

It’s made from a blend of 75% Garnacha (or Granache) and 25% Tempranillo. This would be a wine to keep around for everyday drinking especially at this price.  In fact the 2008 vintage was the #1 Value Wine by The Wine Enthusiast.  For the 2009 vintage they gave it an 89 rating and stated 15,000 cases are earmarked for the U.S.  I’ve seen it online for $8-9. Try this one if you’re looking to get into red wines from whites.  It's a great "in-between" selection before venturing into heavier reds.

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  1. I have had this wine before and got it at Cost Plus/World Market for about $8. It is a great bargin for sure, and I loved the nose, so interesting. Great Post!


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