Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sur De Los Andes, Bonarda 2008 $10.99


This is definitely a new varietal for me.  It’s relatively unknown however those of you liking Malbec wines have possibly had it as a blending grape in Malbec.  As one of Argentina’s most widely planted grapes, it still hasn’t caught on, yet it’s a great value and won’t leave you disappointed.  For those of you liking a red wine with rustic and mild tannin overtones, this is one for you.

The aromas brought out an earthy and black pepper dominance with a slight hint of toasted wood.  Ripe raspberries, plum and mild black pepper honestly surprised me in this very nice, well balanced wine.  I’d almost buy more of this than some of my favorite Malbec bottles.

From subtle tannins to a slightly dry finish this first bottle had the benefit of complementing a grilled NY strip steak.  I can’t say enough how surprised I was with this even on day 2 when it opened up a little more. 

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